The Book

Capt. R J Mouw 0-1171294
Hq 980 FA Bn APO 230
%Postmaster New York

15 April 1945

Dear Dad, Mother and Vernon,

Just heard that the mail was leaving in a few hours so I’ll dash off a few lines.  I am getting along just fine and feel quite well.  Lately we have been quite busy as you may well imagine.  However, progress has been excellent so we don’t mind the hard work.  The country is very pretty, especially since spring has set in.  Now that we are moving so rapidly there is less destruction.  All these houses are built of stone, but they appear quite modern and have the modern conveniences.  At present we are well over half the way across Germany.  We were all shocked to hear of the President’s death – have undoubtedly lost one of the greatest presidents we ever had.  Hope these few lines find you all in good health.

Your son,