Letters from Ralph is now Available!

The first copy of the book, Letters from Ralph, was received by the authors on December 17, 2014.  After several years in the process it was gratifying to finally see it in its final form.  Jubon Juweelen has just ordered a number of them, which should arrive in about two weeks.  If you are interested in receiving your own copy, please either call, write or e-mail us and we will see that you receive a copy.  The cost is $39.95 and it has several pictures and maps inside.  The book contains the letters that Ralph Mouw wrote to his parents and brothers back home before, during and after World War II.  The authors (Lee and Bonnie Meier) have inserted glimpses of the history of the times in-between the letters.  Ralph was a professor at Northwestern College in Orange City, Iowa for many years.  Sandi, Ralph’s daughter, has a scrapbook of letters that his students wrote to him when he retired.  We will start this blog by sharing some of those letters.


  • Clint Korver

    Looking forward to reading about the War from first hand experience.

  • Bonnie Meier

    We should have a good supply in soon. Probably about two weeks.

  • Bonnie Meier

    Today, Tuesday, December 30, we received our first box of books to sell. The first book sold to Loren and Nelly Veldhuizen. Sandi, Ralph’s daughter happened to be in at the same time, so the book was duly autographed by both authors and Ralph’s daughter with a picture taken to commemorate the selling of the first book. Now we are exploring the best ways to send the ones that have been ordered already and need to be sent by snail mail (UPS? FedEX? or USPS?). We’ll know more after we explore the possibilities.

  • Bob Boonstra

    Really enjoyed this book. You can sense the danger Ralph was in by how cautious he was in describing the events. As a veteran, it was also interesting to see how things have changed during training between WW ll and Vietnam. Thanks for writing this!

  • Bonnie Meier

    Bob, so glad that you enjoyed the book. Ralph tried so hard to reassure his folks that everything was OK when he was actually in the thick of some of the worst fighting in the war.

  • Bonnie Meier

    The book Letters from Ralph is available at Jubon Juweelen, a little store in Orange City, Iowa located at 107 3rd Street NE. Lee and I can autograph the book for you, if you like. The fist editions are all gone, but we have plenty of the second editions. The first edition had a few mistakes in. So far we haven’t found any in the 2nd edition.

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