Former students comment

On April 5, 1983 Gordon K. Brumels, Chairman of the Northwestern College math department wrote all “physical science” alums to tell them that Professor Ralph Mouw was retiring after 36 years of service to “God and Northwestern College”. Brumels wrote the students asking them to send Ralph best wishes. The result was a several inch thick book containing many, many letters from students telling how Ralph had influenced their lives. The book was presented to Ralph in early May of 1983. The reason the letter was sent to physical science majors was because Northwestern College’s computer files were not set up at that time to sort out math majors alone.

A few excerpts from some of the letters:

Doug Van Berkum states that through Professor Mouw’s influence he changed from a history major to a math major. “I shall always appreciate your organization, preparation, sense of humor, compassion, and overall interest in your students.”

Wayne Vander Schaaf became a math teacher because of Professor Mouw’s influence. “Because of your excellent teaching and fine Christian leadership, I have enjoyed being in your math classes. Excelling and majoring in math I have tried to instill in my students some of the same things you have instilled in me.”

Clayton Winterboer states that he tried to give a little of Mr. Mouw to each of his students. “When I became frustrated with students, individually, asking me questions and seeking my help with problems, I would think, ‘Just have the patience of Mr. Mouw.'”

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